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From Yui, to Papa (A Story for Father’s Day)

Papa, can you still recall one of those days at Alfheim Online when you were thinking sadly about Mama? Oh wait, no…

You did it everyday, and that made me feel guilty, as though I’m a worthless daughter. “I can’t make Papa smile”—that’s why.

Let’s reminisce that memory, though.

One day, I saw a flower. I wanted to pick it so I can bring it with you, and let you see it everyday, because I believed that it’s the flower that’ll make you smile.

The first trial was futile. Of course, how could I, who was a minuscule Navigation Pixie that time, remove such a giant flower from the sturdy ground it’s attached into? You surely saw it with your big, black orbs, and tried to reach out for the flower, saying, “How about I pick it up for you?”

Without hesitation, I made a gesture of rejection.

I know I’m small and weak, but at times, I desire to prove you that in some way, I’m not. I remember Akihiko-san’s powerful message he conveyed to you before at SAO (take note, I am an AI responsible for monitoring SAO’s players’ emotions, and through those emotions, I know what the players want to say):

"A person is very strong when he seeks to protect something."

That was the reason behind my disapproval of your request. I wanted to protect you from being insane about the worst-case scenario regarding Mama. I desiderated you to rescue Mama with a smile, not with a distorted visage.

On the second attempt, I, alone, pulled the flower with all my might, and, well… yes, it was finally in my possession! I showed it to you, and you were just staring at the flower, fascinated. That happened for a moment, and suddenly, you smiled.

No, it wasn’t the usual, weak smile I would always see ever since we’ve become a tag team in ALO to rescue Mama, because the smile I just saw was genuine. It was filled with hope.

And you uttered, “Let’s go, Yui. To the World Tree.”

Your voice, when you spoke that, sounded more determined than ever before.

I liked that. I was happy that I did my part.

… …

I’m not making you remember that for no purpose at all, so here’s something about that time:

The flower I picked was a Star of Bethlehem. Out of all the flowers in the fields that day, I chose it because according to the Language of Flowers, it symbolizes hope.

I don’t know if you’re knowledgeable about it, but I’m happy that you saw the rainbow in the storm again, after ages of moping and drowning yourself into an ocean of despair.

Papa, today’s Fathers’ Day—your day—and I’m letting you remember that day because you have to have hope even if the time comes when you are to exhale your last breath.

If I see you sad again, I’ll just show you the same flower, because you shouldn’t forget to hope that you’re not alone.

Because you are not.

I’m here.

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